Web Design

I design Web sites (including this one) in my spare time, both for interest and as a job. If you like what you see on this site, or others that I have designed, get in touch and I'll see what I can do for you - I can arrange everything from design, back-end server-side scripting and database-driven pages, through to HTML coding, site hosting and online marketing, or any subset of these. I'm not a professional web designer, but I can produce high-quality sites that produce results and give the right impression for significantly less cost.

All my sites follow current best practice and are implemented without layout tables, using standards-compliant XHTML and CSS. They use server-side scripting and databases where appropriate to ensure that the site is easy to maintain and always up-to-date, and I use Google Sitemaps to help people find more of the pages. If you like what you see but don't understand what on earth I'm on about, get in touch anyway, I can talk in plain English too!


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ACE PAT Testing http://www.acetesting.co.uk The ACE PAT Testing Site

ACE is a small company specialising in PAT testing throughout the South of England. I provide them with a full site and online advertising management service, and have worked with them since the company was formed in 2003. They wanted a professional, clear site that both educates their customers about appliance testing and provides a range of options for customers to get in contact with them.

I designed the site, assisting them with writing the content, and implemented a number of new features not found on similar Web sites such as an online pricing calculator driven by PHP scripting. I set up and manage their online advertising with Google and Yahoo! Search Marketing , and the site is hosted by network eq .

gavint.co.uk http://www.gavint.co.uk The gavint.co.uk Site

This is my latest site, made to promote my DJing and Web design activities. Again I designed and manage every aspect of the site, which uses a MySQL database and PHP scripting to provide a full archive of my DJ chart and mix tracklistings, and makes my latest mix available for download at both high and low quality. The advanced scripting helps me to manage the site with a minimum of effort, with gigs moving from "upcoming gigs" to "recent gigs" automatically as they happen and current charts and tracklistings moving to the archive when new ones are added.