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This is my chart page, which shows you what I'm playing most at the moment when I DJ. It isn't based on any hard statistics, but it does give you an idea of what's happening in the world of house music. It's normally updated every Monday. Using the archive you can also see my old charts, so you can see how tunes move from week to week and which tunes I was charting in the past. If you want to hear some of them, I suggest you check out my mixes page, where you can see mix tracklistings and download my most recent mix, or if you're looking for similar tunes, check out Pete Tong's Essential Selection, The Essential Mix and the DMC Buzz Chart. My chart changes too often for me to link to every tune's record label or artist, but a Web search should help you out, contact me if you're still struggling. If you want to buy any of the tunes, I recommend you check out Juno Records for vinyl and Beatport for MP3s.

Chart Archive for 2005

DJ Chart Archive